A jewel in the middle of a village

Kanyawegi Dala Resort is situated on the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. Guests have easy access to visit different places near the resort like the local villages, tour Maboko Island, Kit Mikay rocks, the Kakamega Forest and much much more.


The resort consists of three round lodges, a kitchen with an ample size eating room and a separate toilet facility, all built with natural stone. It also has a camping spot and budget rooms.
In the garden, you'll find a fireplace, hammocks and a shadow-rich bougainvillea sitting spot. The garden also has various tropical trees and plants, as well as a drinking spot for birds. The garden is located at a strategic point with scenic views of Lake Victoria, where you can enjoy a nice breeze.


There are various interesting sightseeing options including Kakamega Forest, Kit-Mikay, Ndere Island, Kisumu city, Luanda Kotieno, a harbour with a ferry and a water bus to Rusinga Island in Mbita, and much more.

This is an amazing central location.

Activities Include:
Arranged visits near the resort like the local village, Maboko Island, Kit-Mikay (a historical cultural location) and Kakamega Forest .
You can explore a scenic walking route used by locals. As a guest, there is the possiblity of getting involved in projects as an intern, a volunteer or for work. Group Visits can also be arranged for various groups such as women's groups, schools, football clubs, agriculture groups, fishing groups, and elder care groups. Other available activities include cooking workshops for local dishes, including vegetarian and vegan (biological) food, nature education, bird watching and insect and reptiles viewing. There is also traditional music and dance, played on Nyatiti and Orutu.


Car rental services including a driver, can be arranged. Public transportation is in plenty for short distances via motorbike (Boda Boda), tricycle (Tuk Tuk) and matatus (local vans).

What our guests say about us

In August 2019, we travelled to Kenya with three people, to Kanyawegi Dala Resort. The last bit of the “road” was a path full of big rocks. I already wondered where we were going to end up! Well, at Kanyawegi Dala Resort at Lake Victoria. It’s a wonderful place. Nice rooms, simple but delicious food and nice company.
In the first week we spent the entire day in the countryside. People are proud of what they have and love to show that. Everywhere we were asked inside, very hospitable. The children, from little to big, are fond of the homemade hats made by the elderly in Helmond! In the second week we visited a school that was very poorly managed. There, we renovated one classroom, but the other classrooms are also badly in need of renovation. The school would like to have a cow, to have fresh milk for the children. We have also visited the house where Kadogo wants to start a daycare for the elderly. A beautiful project! Many elderly are lonely, just sitting and watching in front of their homes. It would be beautiful if the elderly would make any contacts there and have a useful way to spend their day. Kanyawegi Dala Resort is a nice home base if you want to get to know this part of Kenya.


I really felt at home at ‘Kanyawegi Dala Resort’. That was mostly because of the good care in combination with the friendly locals, beautiful nature and the quaint environment. It’s a beautiful place to get in touch with the countryside of Kenya. The fun contact with the people, the visits, the walks to the lake, the fresh fish from Lake Victoria, the scooter rides over the sandy roads, the local market, it was all pure enjoyment. And when you need a bit of rest, you can relax very nicely at ‘Kanyawegi Dala Resort’. I’m certainly coming back!


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